There is a dead man midst the city standing on a soapbox casting spells, spitting verse trying to frighten the masses into accepting end of days. ~ A holy thing, I am. Undaunted by the screeching, as I know, the end has already come, and gone and come again, goodbye, again. ~ And I see … Continue reading Soapbox

Beautifully Insane 2

She ballets through the streets on toes made for twirling, a heart made for whimsy, and a head full of quarrel. ~ The masses avoid her for they are fearful to be so free, circling within their miniscule worlds, careful not to overstep self-made bounds. But not her, she lives for the freedom, cares not … Continue reading Beautifully Insane 2

Waking Syrinx

Aretha: I entered the clearing and witnessed sprinklings, illuminations like I had never seen before, miniscule, dashing about in play. Far too bright for my meager conception, my eyes seeped watching as they painted the sky, striking wonder in my constrained imagination. I sat upon the cool green knowing they were not for me question, … Continue reading Waking Syrinx

My Creation

I’m just a minnow In a bucket of bait Needle in an addict’s arm Sealing his fate A blue collar man Searching the great A lost soulmate I am every man. ~ I am but an echo Never to be heard A weary song Begetting words Liberties taken To save the herds Face down in … Continue reading My Creation


i believe in absolution ultimate release, and consequences i believe some things are worth penalties i believe ~ in your scent, downwind from the rain you stand in glorious torrent washing away everyone, but us ~ i believe we gave in, in some small way cast sin to the winds and braved, us made a … Continue reading kiss

gods’ breath

Poison plagues horizons where waste gathers might. Beset by all, gods waft it away then fall to their knees, breathless. ~ Mother screams, “It is not mine! It is yours alone!” as she regains a sliver of green.   Complexion returns, then she sighs knowing we will kill, again. ~ She searches the heavens for … Continue reading gods’ breath

Always Have, Always Will

Dearest Mother, Your pain is thorny. Infinitely, consistently, generationally Raped of sustenance, naïveté, You have but ash and shards left to give. ~ Look at the flesh. Ninety-nine watching, Twiddling thumbs, ignorant While one masters entropy Masked as negentropy. Meanwhile the masses atrophy. Planned community. Shiv unity, Gutting with lies and blame To keep us … Continue reading Always Have, Always Will


She stood in the doorway of the dilapidated farmhouse wondering where time had gone. Panoramic view, the pasture, the barn, fenced in horses, all bring her no pleasure like once they had. ~ Louella, a warrior’s name, believed herself a creator of great things. Now seasoned, recalls her youth, when time was of no measure, … Continue reading Louella


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