Tiny Deaths

I close my eyes at night. Imagine a life without pain. No longer shrouded in hatred. No affection given in vain. For I am made of love. I say goodbye to fear. ~ I pray for absolution, a state of utter freedom. Forgiven for my transgressions. I ask this of everyone. For I am remorseful, … Continue reading Tiny Deaths

Love Story (Part 1)

Her yearning lies dormant. Hidden away, a secret never to witness light surrendered as hopeless. The lady in waiting paused for years taking solace, in his friendship. ~ Many a day and night comforting one another through the ebb and flow of life, bearing the mayhem celebrating the splendor, disclosing clandestine dreams, imaginings never before … Continue reading Love Story (Part 1)

Saying Goodbye

My eyes have not closed since the moons rest two morns past and I am seeing ghosts. Specters in translucent blacks, blues, and reds spew grotesque obscenities; draw glowing gray circles around the dead places in and on me that steal my very existence, and laugh cruelly as my fingers travel, feeling the imperfections. They … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

Feminine Facting

At eleven, it meant nothing Feminine flatlands Not yet defined, delivered No exalting of songs No Psalms to worship womb. ~ At twelve, it meant everything Feminine fruitful Bloomed demented, despicable Exalted songs of putridity Psalms that curses womb. ~ At present, it means so many things Feminine facting Stricken with discomfort, desire Searching all … Continue reading Feminine Facting

5/7/5 Haiku X 10

Self exploration Is where existence begins Learn thine own true self ~ The richest of fruits Need not have consequences Pleasure’s not a sin ~ Myriad of feelings All ignored for a lifetime Plague my sober mind ~ Kisses warm her flesh Hands trail voluptuous curves His goal, her pleasure ~ We hide behind masks … Continue reading 5/7/5 Haiku X 10


Aimless is my direction. Nearly barren roads of good from which to make choice. In this world of disdain seeping from many tongues keep me safe from conformity. When immersed in evil amidst deceitful claims keep my truth oblivious to its effects. Choices of clarity bestowed through seasoned mentors all that is needed perseverance. My … Continue reading Aimless

The Journey

I see you hues that surround your aura gleams revealing your Truth. Voiceless awareness beckons my attention illuminating insight into the gift you are. Your plight is aligned with original choice  in the Halls of All where serenity rules. Weighing options good or not so both deemed holy to prove the Whole. Expanding, dividing forgetting … Continue reading The Journey

Flowers and Tears

I gave flowers once pretty as momma placed with loving care in an album, I was not pretty enough for. Found them in the trash, climbed in to be with, and never gave flowers again. ~ Held a flower in my hand after the last “no more” again pretty red petals trembled to the rhythm … Continue reading Flowers and Tears

Playing with Dolls

hush little babyspeak not a wordchildren are nevermeant to be heard nice tiny closettucked safely awayplaced within darknot there for play hiding from hatredthose who cause harmlive intolerancea tricksters charms quiet little onesafe you will beif you don’t crybeg to be free mommy loves babyhere we belongour perfect worlddoing no wrong ©TammyHendrix 5/5/2021


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